وکیل جرایم سایبری

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 Saturday,23 Feb 2009 

Obesity, according to a study that the "infection" of viral can be passed from one person to another Kinslat quite cold and flu, which caused pain in the throat.

The scientists said that obesity is transmitted to others by shaking hands with dirty hands and Vthajm virus transmitted through the tissue and leading to an increase in the number of fat cells in the body.

Previous research has shown that chickens and mice infected with HIV is increasing in weight faster than their counterparts not exposed to viral infections even if they do not eat more food than others.

According to news sources that the studies conducted on humans have shown that about one third of obese adults with HIV, compared with 11 percent of their men and women Slimmers.

To this, the researcher said Professor Neckhil Dorandar in the program, which will be aired tonight channel, "BBC 2," British weights more than the virus infected people, even after recovery from cough and colds.

"The spread of this virus to spread in the lungs and affects the body and the members of different tissues, such as when the liver and kidneys, brain and adipose tissue."

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